State Report


ABATE of ms state report

 As you all know we have been working very hard to get our taxes in order. As well as the bylaws’ adjusted to the current times. We are trying to better things for the future of ABATE. I know things have been this way for a long time but we are in 2016 now and times and things have changed. I welcome any input on this matter. If any of you have any suggestions on these changes, please let your Chapter Director know and your input will be addressed. All member’s suggestions are very important to the growth of ABATE of Mississippi. 


 I am looking forward to the 2016 Field Meet. We would like to have many vendors, so if anyone knows of venders that would be interested in participating in the field meet this year, we must increase our number of venders this year due to the funding of our state bank situation. The state account is in low figures and the bills are still having to be paid and the money flow is low incoming. If interested parties would contact me I would be glad to take the information and give it to Susie Smith, the vendor coordinator for the State Field Meet this year.


 I want to thank all the people who have stepped up and taken the responsibility of the State Positions for the 2016 year. We are expecting an exciting year for ABATE of Mississippi in 2016. All chapters are growing and will continue to grow as long as we all work hard to attend other events and get the word out that we are stronger than ever and will be striving to make changes in the near future to increase our members. The more members we have the stronger voice we will have in congress to have laws passed for the Motorcycle community. 

There are Sate positions open and if anyone is interested in these positions please contact your Chapter Director. We need these positions filled ASAP! If you want to make ABATE as strong as it can be step up and fill these positions.  The positions that have been filled are as follows.


Director: Kevin Burnside

​​​Sergeant of Arms: Bubba Skinner

Sectary Treasure: Jennifer Hardigree

​​Assistant Director: Mitch Hardigree

Legislative Affairs: Chuck Allison

​​Newsletter Editor: Milton Walker

Chaplin: Tommy Symon ​​​

Webmaster: Scott Denley


Thank you for your participation,

Kevin Burnside

State Director